Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Great Yarn Cage Match Smackdown!

Clearly, I've taken leave of my senses.

Yup. I signed up for Sock Wars. I was pondering it. I was thinking I'd watch from the "sidelines." And then one of the participants left this comment on the website:

"Bring it."

And I thought "oh, no, she didn't!" Next thing I know, I'm hitting the send button on my sign up e-mail.

Yikes. Just yikes.

Thank God I just learned the Magic Loop kniting-two-things-at-one-time technique. I'm using it right now on the sleeves of Cleaves (like the rain in Spain?).

On the lighter, softer side of the web knit-o-sphere, I ordered my yarn from Black Bunny Fibers and can't wait to get it! I'm thinking, well, I was thinking a sock. But maybe I should now rethink that one. Or practice for SW. Hmm. Maybe I should do a toe-up sock, in case that's my first Sock Wars pattern. Good God, this is so silly.
How cool is this? Franklin designed a new button for the Black Bunny Yarn Along:

Awww. Now isn't that nice!? Can't we all just hold hands and get along? Sing a few rounds of "It's a Small World"?


Well, then I'm gonna smack you down with a Potomatus... Tomatopus... Pomatomus . Whatever! Just bring it! Knitta, please!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Knitting Nirvana

Ya know, for an art historian, I'm pretty pathetic with my visuals compared to other bloggers. I even have finished stuff that I should be showing off in all of its (sort of) glory!

I finished a pair of socks while searching for bliss at Kripalu over the weekend. And I finished three projects from One Skein Knitting! (loving that book!)

But the epic finish/ struggle had to be Tempting II. Yes, it is done and it looks pretty good. But that is after ripping out and re-knitting the neck THREE times! THREE! After time number 2, I made the sweater sit in the corner and think about what it did while I went to Kripalu. When I came back, radiating good will and Zen-like calm (uh-huh) toward all, I ripped out yet again, fixed it and with dread in my heart, tried it on. I couldn't believe it fit!

The first time I knit the neck, following the pattern, the neckline was gianormous. I had heard about people having that problem in the KAL, so I followed the example of others and in the row before the band is attached, I k2tog. Now, some people had even found it necessary to do that twice, but I thought nah, this will do the trick. I even contemplated weaving waste yarn in, just in case I had to rip back again, but again I thought nah. You see where this is going, don't you?

But in the end, all is well. And even after all of that, I have to say that I liked the pattern. The 1x1 rib was dull, dull, dull, but the technique used for attaching the sleaves is cool, and I like the band around the neck, so a thumbs up to the finished product. Good thing, too, because if I couldn't get the pattern to work, I was going to swear off sweaters for ever. Or at least until another one lured me with her siren's song.

Next up: two more projects from One Skein-- the baby bolero and the bib for two different expecting friends, and I'm very excited to start Cleaves from I did my gauge swatch for it and I need to get bigger needles (see, I do swatch, I swear!), so that will probably be tonight's cast-on. And I'm WAY psyched about my next knit, I mean, yarn along. This one from one of my fave podcasts, "Knitty D and the City." They are doing a Yarn Along with Black Bunny Fibers. So everyone will use different patterns, but use Black Bunny yarn. I'm thinking a sock, although I could try a shawl. Do I hear the Clap calling? That was done in a silk/ wool blend, so I'll have to think about it. I know it is in my future though!

More pics in next post-- I swear!