Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I Think My Zen Is Cowering in the Closet

I strive for calm. I do yoga in the morning (although I get ticked off a surprising amount of the time while doing it. Perhaps that's bad...) I knit as a form of relaxation and meditation. And yet during the course of my day, I want to bitchslap people (bitchslap? bitch slap? hmm) about twenty times a day. So what happens to all the Zen? Where does it go? Why can't I be one of those people who exudes calm, leaving others in a trance-like state?

OK- see- this is stressing me out.

(Deep cleansing breaths. I am standing on a beach. Knitting. With a boozy drink in hand... ahhhh.)

Oh, wait-- here's the problem! I'm knitting with the wrong yarn! Who knew?


Firefighter X said...

A yarn named "ZEN"? That's "knot" right.

Weenil said...

oh gawd. Let's knot knit-pick words, here, fire-boy!!

Firefighter X said...

Weenil: How many posts do you think we can get on to her blog before she gets back from her "zen" trip?