Thursday, October 19, 2006

Feh. Just feh.

Not knitting related, although I knit while watching, plus I'm just ticked. I can't believe Jeffrey won Project Runway. What the hell?! Of course, I am a huge Laura fan. Have been from episode one when she turned a bathmat into a faux-fur collar. And I've hated Jeffrey from episode one. So I am seriously pissed.

But I do love Tim Gunn. He is on the cocktail party list.

And now Top Chef has started. And what the hell is up with the guy with the Woody Woodpecker hair?!

With the exception of these shows, I'm not a reality tv person, but I do dig these two. I like them because they actually inspire me to create things. After watching PR, I broke out the sewing machine, and TC makes me want to cook multi-course tall food.

More knitting next time. I promise. Unless something else irritates me. Which is highly likely.

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