Thursday, October 19, 2006

Feh. Just feh.

Not knitting related, although I knit while watching, plus I'm just ticked. I can't believe Jeffrey won Project Runway. What the hell?! Of course, I am a huge Laura fan. Have been from episode one when she turned a bathmat into a faux-fur collar. And I've hated Jeffrey from episode one. So I am seriously pissed.

But I do love Tim Gunn. He is on the cocktail party list.

And now Top Chef has started. And what the hell is up with the guy with the Woody Woodpecker hair?!

With the exception of these shows, I'm not a reality tv person, but I do dig these two. I like them because they actually inspire me to create things. After watching PR, I broke out the sewing machine, and TC makes me want to cook multi-course tall food.

More knitting next time. I promise. Unless something else irritates me. Which is highly likely.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Apre-Bellum Socks

The war may be over for me, but I'm still kicking when it comes to socks.

Here's the instrument of my undoing-- Grape Kool-Aid Socks of Doom knitted by my assassin, Pollyanna. They smell good and grapey!So now that I'm a casualty of Sock Wars, I'm focusing on the Black Bunny Hopalong and on Christmas knitting.

Here's Falling Leaves in Black Bunny yarn color "Kiss." That's one of my dogs, Georgia, supervising the photography.

That wasn't Georgia's first "participation" in the process. Here she is, shamelessly rolling on the socks in progress. The yarn is near her butt. Lovely.
Here she is feeling shame for what she did.

And here is a detail of the finished sock. I love how the pattern looks. Not sure I'm a toe-up gal, but I'd make them again.

And here is the current project, Pomatomus in Black Bunny color "Lagoon." Pomatomus is fish-inspired, according to pattern creator Cookie, so I'm going for a whole aquatic thing. Perfect Christmas gift for mom before she heads to the Keys! I love this pattern and would absolutely knit these again. I used the tubular cast on and it made all the difference in the cuff-- much more forgiving. Plus it looks very clean. The photos don't do the yarn color justice.

More to come! I've been a knittin' fool these past few weeks. Sock Wars death didn't slow me down at all!