Friday, September 15, 2006

Making a List, Checking it Twice

Didja ever get the psychic blahs? A case of the existential doldrums?

As Joni said, maybe it's the time of year, maybe it's the time of man...
or maybe it's just the craptastic weather.

Anyway, as I sit here trying to counter my angst with a chocotini, some sing buri snack mix, and some Northern Exposure, I figured I'd try to get motivate by writing up my knitting Holiday list, so here it is:

  • for sister-in-law one-- a wire bracelet and maybe socks
  • for sister-in-law two-- fingerless gloves
  • for sister-in-law three-- felted bag
  • for friend who might actually read my blog, well, I ain't saying! Nyah.
  • for my mom-- the golf covers she wants, in this pattern me thinks and socks
  • for niece one- sweater and a ballerina doll
  • for niece two- sweater and bunny from One Skein
  • for mother-in-law-- socks or mittens and felted slippers
  • sachets from One Skein for various friends
Not too outragious, is it?

(an aside here, isn't John Corbet in Northern Exposure just.... yum?)


Robin said...

Thanks for mentioning the pattern for the golf covers on Knitty - mine are so boring and generic - I am DEFINITELY making these now.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the link to that wire bracelet - it's just gorgeous. I think your holiday knitting list looks great.

Weenil said...

Well, Schmitty, looks like you've got your work cut out for you! But I think you've finished about half the things on this list by now, haven't you? Knit-tastic!