Saturday, September 15, 2007

Going Dutch!

Just came back from the Netherlands. If you have a chance to go, go! Wonderful people, beautiful cities, great food, great art... I'm in love.

I wanted to get to the Amsterdam yarn shop recommended by Franklin in his blog, but I couldn't get there when they were open. I did get to buy this fabric

at this market in Delft.

While at the market, our guide, Thea, showed us how to eat herring the Dutch way:

I tried it. I'll stick to the delicious stroop waffles.

Thea is not only a great guide, but she is also a talented knitter and crocheter. Here she is in a sweater she made
She is being weighed at the scales in Oude Water to see if she is a witch. She isn't. A few of us were, and my husband is a poison frog. Who knew?

Just in time for the trip, I finished my Bristow sweater

I love how it came out, but the buttons are too small. I bought some new ones at the market in Delft and will attach them soon. Great pattern!

Tot ziens! (see you around!)

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elan said...

I'd be so disappointed if the scale said I wasn't a witch, my kids start doing the she's a witch bit from the Holy Grail at the drop of a hat.