Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tim Gunn Shills for Macy's and I Love It!

I love Tim Gunn! Even his new show, which is basically "What Not To Wear" but with Tim Gunn and Veronica Webb, sucks me in. He is so serious, and yet wry. Love him! When I heard he was in a Macy's commercial with Martha Stewart, I was alarmed enough that I considered lying down with a cool towel on my head. But now that I've seen it, my faith in Il Gunn is restored! Just what one would expect- funny, tongue-in-cheek. And the last line, with perfect Gunn delivery- "I love hats!" We know you do, Tim, and we love you for it!

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ellen said...

Saw you are on Our Virtual Knitting Commune at Ravelry! Were you at as well? I was Ellen Edwards (Trudy) there, and Bluebird49 at Ravelry
Anyway--I LOVE Tim Gunn too!! He is SO stylish and can be so sweet--not mean like the people who did WHat Not to Wear could be at times!

Welcome to Ravelry--I got my invite in Aug., and I still haven'tgotten all my things up--your photogtraphy is really great!