Sunday, October 14, 2007

I habba code in my node

I finally caught a cold. I'm sure I had it coming with all the stress of last week.

I was taking it easy and listening to Cast On today. Brenda talked about lace knitting and also about feeling like her thoughts were jumbled.

I thought about how lace knitting usually looks like cat yak until it is blocked. Last week, as I was prepping for what felt like lecture 1000 of the week, I hit the wall. I couldn't pull it all together and I felt like there was no way this lecture was going to be any good. But when I stood up in front of the crowd, it all clicked and came out much better than expected. Just like lace after being blocked.

But now I have a cold. And another gabilliion lectures this week. Husband wisely fed me garlicky pasta and red wine for dinner. I'm feeling better and ready to face the week.

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